Business Units

We are your partner for temperature-controlled logistics in Germany and Europe and "Logistics all about fish".

Our product portfolio includes the following services:

"Logisics all about fish" 

We combine our customers' and partners' international commodity flows at our locations in Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven and Frankfurt (Main). We take care of the Europe-wide procurement and outbound logistics as well as value added services about fresh fish, smoked meat and fish products, marinades, salads, shellfishes and frozen food.

Listed below an extract of our weekly network transports:

  • 6x Cuxhaven/Bremerhaven - Frankfurt (Main)
  • 5x Cuxhaven/Bremerhaven - Rhine Ruhr Area
  • 4x Cuxhaven/Bremerhaven - Munich
  • 3x Cuxhaven/Bremerhaven - Austria
  • 3x Frankfurt (Main) - Austria


  • Regular services throughout Europe
  • Local and long-distance transport
  • Extra and special transports


  • Europe-wide transports (from transporters up to 40 t trucks)
  •  Temperature-controlled transports (-25° up to +25°Celsius)
  •  Multi-chamber transports (with up to three different temperature zones)
  •  Tracking and Tracing
  •  Modern vehicle fleet (Euro 6)
  •  Extra and special transports


  • Modern logistics facilities with 14 loading platforms (thereof 10 themo-systems)
  • Modern pallet trucks


  • EU-certified enterprise
  •  2,100 sqm temperature-controlled storage space (-25° up to +7°Celsius)
  •  600 sqm dry storage space
  •  High-bay racking and block storage
  • Outside storage

Contract Logistics

  • We develep individual and integrated logistics solutions and take care of all logistics services along our customers' value chain.


  • Office space
  • Storage space and outside storage space
  • Stone-flagged outside storage space
  • Trailer and transporters